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www.AutoLoads.com is a licensed Florida corporation located in Ellenton, Florida. www.AutoLoads.com is neither an Auto Carrier nor an Auto Broker so as to provide an unbiased flow of information.


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If you are familiar with the previous version of www.AutoLoads.com , below is a detailed list of the enhancements made to the site. If you are a first time user, please review our Terms of Service and Services.


Added Features And Enhancements:

  1. Everywhere you see this image means that you can view, download, and save whatever is on you screen as an Excel Spreadsheet. Looking for some loads from Florida to Iowa? Click on the Excel image to view and save for later.
  2. We have always been bombarded with emails and requests for quotes from individuals. Since we are neither a Carrier nor a Broker, we could only refer them to a few Brokers. Now, you can quote on them directly. Go to the Quotes section and review the requests for quotes. The quotes are initially sorted by the Date They Are Requested. So if you would like to quote directly to the consumer, look in the Quotes Section and call or email the consumer. This is one added feature to increase your business.
  3. Bulk Uploading is now available. You have always been able to fax you list to us,and now you can simply upload your Excel Spreadsheet of your available loads. We currently have the technology to have you upload your spreadsheet directly into our database, yet with the prevalence and evolution of viruses, at this point we cannot offer that feature yet. We we do have is the ability for you to upload you loads to our server. We will update your loads on the hour, ever hour Monday through Friday 7AM to 6PM EST, and periodically through the weekend. You will always be able to manually add, modify, or delete loads at will.
  4. You will now be able to print out a Fax Out Sheet of all you loads in the system. First of all, email us your corporate image, or go to Modify your info and enter the location for your image (this is not a requirement - you do not need an image for your Fax Out Sheet). Now, anytime you want to generate a Fax Out Sheet, go to Modify your loads, and click on My Faxout Sheet. You will now have a sheet generated with all your loads to fax to someone

We hope these changes will improve the operations of your business. Please Email Us with any comments or suggestions. We welcome them all.


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