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Has your firm ever had slow periods where you just wish you had enough work to occupy your drivers? Also, have you ever had too much work and you actually have to turn down jobs? If this is your situation, you are not alone. Periods of waxing and waning business test even the most astute businessmen. An easy and practical solution to this is Information. Information allows us to make informed, reasonable decisions to the benefit of our customers and ourselves.

This is where comes into play. is a resource for the Auto Transport industry designed to leverage all existing technology to provide better and more timely information. With better information, your trucks do not have to come back with less than a full load. With more timely information, you can secure more revenue and increase your business. The name of the game is to grow your business in a fruitful and profitable manner. Just Remember - If your company adds only ONE vehicle to you deliveries, the service has paid for itself.

The concept of is multifold. First, your trucks needed to be loaded to capacity at all times. The cost of transporting one extra vehicle is minimal compared with the revenue it generates. Information is needed to maximize your loads. Also, some companies do not wish to fill trucks, but merely place their loads on other carriers. With this in mind, we have two levels of Registered Users - Carriers/Brokers and Brokers. Below is a brief description and cost of the levels.

Carriers/Brokers - Services - Complete Access to Site

Cost - $39.95 per month with First Month Free

Brokers - Services - Access Granted to Post Loads, Post Capacity, and Reports specific to their firm.

Cost - FREE

Below are detailed descriptions of some of the services offered by And please remember - All registered Users are required to abide by our Terms of Service.


Post A Load (Carrier/Brokers and Brokers) - Registered Users add vehicles that they have that they need to have moved. Your firm can increase revenue by accepting more vehicles for transport with the expectation of placing them on our service. The ability to broker vehicles may add a new component to your business.

Search For Loads (Carriers/Brokers Only) - Registered Users can add to their loads by searching through our database to find any loads available for pickup. Registered user can then negotiate directly with the user that placed the load. Adding more vehicles will increase the capacity utilization of your fleet, in addition to bringing in more revenue and lowering the marginal cost of your deliveries.

Add Available Trucks (Carrier/Brokers and Brokers) - Registered Users may add additional capacity to our database. Now you can let other Registered Users know if you have availability on your trucks. If, for example, your truck is in California and is scheduled to go home to Florida empty. Notifying other Auto Transport Brokers and carriers may allow one of them to notify you of a delivery that can be made on your way home. Maximizing your backhauls will maximize your revenue.

Search For Capacity (Carriers/Brokers Only) - Registered Users can search our database for additional capacity added by other carriers. In a pinch or for short term planning, Registered Users can search for available capacity to move vehicles for them. Everyone looks for backhauls.

Add Available Terminal Space (Carrier/Brokers and Brokers) Do you have a secured lot that others may wish to use? If so, you can post your location and your rates to inform all other users that you are open for business.

Search For Terminal Space (Carriers/Brokers Only) - Do you need a place to park a car in a pinch? Search through our database of available terminals. You should be able to find a secure lot.

Reports (Carriers/Brokers and Brokers) - Registered Users also have full access to our list of reports. Generation of useful reports to analyze your movement and traffic on the site can give you a snapshot of your business quickly and easily. Sample reports include All Your Vehicles Selected, Report Listing All Your Currently Available Vehicles, a Complete Summary of Your Vehicles Listed, and a Complete Summary of Currently Available Vehicles with Routes and Maps.

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